Taylor Family Photoshoot at Lithia Park - February 18, 2019

I am excited to share photos of the beautiful Taylor family at Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon. Such a fun day! This family is so wonderful and such a pleasure to visit too.

This was my first trip to Oregon, and I was taking in all the sights of this lovely area. We had a scenic drive on the way to the park and wanted to stop everywhere along the way. We enjoyed some lunch and I even took a sip of Lithia water. This family photoshoot was certainly a highlight of my trip to Oregon.

This future stuntman just did a flip off the swing!

This future stuntman just did a flip off the swing!


Hermann Family Photo Shoot at Hayfield's Country Club

When Emily contacted me for her family photo shoot, I was excited to spend some time outside with such a nice family.

Lucas was so energetic and fun, and loved being a model. He and his dad have such a tight bond too. Dulaney was a bit shy at first, clinging to her mother but a little skittles bribe cleared that problem right up.

The real moments from this photoshoot show how happy and relaxed this family truly is. They are a lovely family to work with, and I’m so glad they chose me to capture this little snippet of time for them.

You begin to realize how quickly children grow up before you know it. The memory of these days are wonderful when saved to reminisce another day.


Nzinga & Robert - Father/Son Portraits - Maryland Zoo

I am excited to share my recent portrait shoot with the incredibly talented jazz musician, Nzinga, and his adorable son, Robert. This father and son have such a special bond and I am so thankful for the opportunity to photograph them at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Nzinga plays the trombone in these photographs, and I can’t wait to see Robert’s talents bloom with his early interest in the trumpet.

Source: http://www.wendymillerphotographymd.com

Colten ~ Senior Portraits in Maryland ~ Mariner Point Park ~ Class of 2019

I am so thrilled to finally blog about Colten’s senior photography session! He is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, is so handsome, smart, and really has a wonderful personality. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to capture Colten’s portraits during his senior year, and can’t wait to see what he does with his life after high school graduation.

Colten always enjoys getting out on the water, as well as fishing and boating, so we headed to Mariner Point State Park which was a great location. This was such a fun photoshoot. Here are some of my favorite photographs:

Source: http://www.wendymillerphotographymd.com

5 Muses at Baker Park

I was so fortunate to be invited as a photographer to participate in a fun styled photoshoot, it was titled 5 Muses at Baker Park, in Frederick, Maryland.  It was planned and organized by Amanda Feeney.  The other photographers were Lynne Baker of Blue Box Photography and Tritorian Richardson.  The Muses were CE Suge, Lisa Irvine, Guzel Lenton, Maggie Shochet, Amanda Feeney.  The make-up artist was Erin Mabray.  The flower crowns were created by Meg at Form & Fire.


While we represented five muses at this event, there were nine muses in Greek mythology, the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne.  These beautiful goddesses provided inspiration to the arts, literature and science.  Each Muse brought their own unique talents to the shoot and it was truly a wonderful experience.  


These beauties were professional, so talented and wonderful to work with, and really had fun personalities.  Their sense of humor made for great laughs during this shoot.  The crowns were skillfully crafted, and the talent of the make-up artist helped make this a successful experience overall.  All of the photographers also worked very well together with posing, holding reflectors, and sharing great ideas.

Thalia - the goddess of comedy and idyllic poetry (by CE Suge)

Thalia - the goddess of comedy and idyllic poetry (by CE Suge)

Terpsicore - goddess of dance (by Lisa Irvine)

Terpsicore - goddess of dance (by Lisa Irvine)

Calliope - Muse of Epic Poetry (by Maggie Shochet)

Calliope - Muse of Epic Poetry (by Maggie Shochet)

Clio - the Muse of History (by Guzel Lenton)

Clio - the Muse of History (by Guzel Lenton)

Euterpe - the goddess of music and lyric poetry (by Amanda Feeney)

Euterpe - the goddess of music and lyric poetry (by Amanda Feeney)